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JamestownDayJamestownSettlementMay11Even after 400 years, a visit to Jamestown is still an adventure, but not as challenging as it was for settlers of the first permanent English colony in America in 1607.

The story is complex, and most fully experienced by a visit to two compelling attractions. At Historic Jamestowne, site of the original 1607 settlement, explore the Glasshouse to learn about America’s earliest industries, see ongoing archaeological discoveries of the fort and view thousands of artifacts unearthed on display in the Nathalie P. and Alan M. Voorhees Archaearium. At Jamestown Settlement, explore a world-class living-history museum that re-creates life in the Jamestown colony. Tour artifact-filled gallery exhibits, discover the Powhatan Indian way of life in a re-created village, try on English armor in a re-created fort and climb aboard replicas of the three ships that brought the colonists to Virginia in 1607.

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Historic Jamestowne

Bike, walk or drive the five-mile or shorter three-mile loop around Jamestown Island, where you will experience the wildlife and natural environment English colonists encountered upon their arrival in 1607. Click here for more information Historic Jamestowne. Read More »

Jamestown Settlement

Jamestown Settlement, a museum of 17th-century Virginia, explores the world of America’s first permanent English colony. Exhibition galleries and an introductory film, 1607: A Nation Takes Root, trace Jamestown’s beginnings in England and the first century of the Virginia colony and describe the Powhatan Indian, English and African cultures that converged in 17th-century Virginia. Outdoors, costumed historical interpreters depict 1600s life at re-creations of the colonists’ fort, the three ships that arrived from England in 1607, a Powhatan Indian village and at a seasonal riverfront discovery area. Gift shops and Jamestown Settlement Café (arrange to dine on site or to go). Special programs are offered annually. Accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.

Jamestown Settlement | Information & Tickets

It’s a perfect time to visit Jamestown Settlement, where visitors are immersed in the world of America’s first permanent English colony. Trace the evolution of the log canoe in “Working and Racing on the Bay: The Chesapeake Log Canoe,” a Jamestown Settlement special exhibition in partnership with The Mariners’ Museum on display through September 8, 2015. […] Read More »