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The James River plantations near Williamsburg are among the oldest homes in America, and now, many of them are open as tourist attractions. As witnesses to more than four centuries of American history, a variety of influential people have called these Virginia plantations home—including signers of the Declaration of Independence and several United States presidents. Today, you can take a plantation tour and experience the stately architecture, lovely furnishings and beautiful gardens for yourself.

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Berkeley Plantation

Plantation on the James River. Berkeley is the most historic plantation on the James River. Visit the site of the first official Thanksgiving (1619), as well as the birthplace of Benjamin Harrison and President William Henry Harrison, our 9th president. Taps was composed here (1862) at the Civil War headquarters of General McClellan. Enjoy the […] Read More »

Sherwood Forest Plantation

Home of President John Tyler, 10th President of the United States. It has remained the home of generations of Tylers and is currently the home to President Tyler’s grandson, Harrison Ruffin Tyler, and his family. President Tyler brought his bride, Julia Gardiner Tyler, of Gardiner’s Island, New York, to Sherwood Forest. She brought magnificent furnishings […] Read More »

Shirley Plantation

Now this is a plantation. What does Shirley Plantation have to offer that no other plantation can? We tell the story of the Hill-Carter family, eye witnesses to eleven generations of American history. To this day, the eleventh generation continues to own, operate, and work this grand southern plantation. Shirley Plantation is Virginia’s first plantation […] Read More »