There are plenty of restaurants in the Williamsburg area. The fun part is deciding which to try.

Discover Where to Eat

Looking to find a good and close restaurant in the area? In Williamsburg, there's no shortage of them. Maybe you're looking for a fancy restaurant, or want to travel back in time and dine in one of Colonial Williamsburg’s 18th-century-style taverns. Perhaps you want to find out what makes Duck Donuts a great place for a treat at any time of day, and even sample some of Sushi King's seafood cuisine. Casual restaurants abound, so it’s easy to find a family-friendly bakerycafé, deli or buffet. And if you’re planning a special night out, dine along the river in Yorktown o take in fine dining in an elegant atmosphere at several Williamsburg-area restaurants, finishing up with a nightcap in a local bar.

Casual Dining

The Terrace Room invites diners to feast on an array of olives, ranging from brined to oil-cured, while enjoying cocktails and conversation. Afterward, place an...

Casual Dining

The Outback Steakhouse concept is centered around exceptionally high-quality food. Our menu features steaks and prime rib in an "Aussie" atmosphere. Outback steaks are prepared...

Bakeries & Desserts
Casual Dining

Fresh fruit Italian Ice made daily on the premises in small batches and old-fashioned frozen custard. Delicious gelati and awesome Misto smoothie shakes. Look for...

Casual Dining

Peter Chang is an award winning chef specializing in Szechwan cuisine who has cooked for restaurants in the American southeast. Chang was born in Hubei...