Christmas in Williamsburg: Santa! Christmas Town. Colonial Traditions.

xmas-towerWilliamsburg is your Christmas destination! Santa makes regular visits throughout the Historic Triangle, and we know his favorite spots. Joy, laughter and cheer are in the air at Busch Gardens’ Christmas Town where the merriment of the season is spotlighted with Broadway-style shows and millions of twinkling lights.

Jamestown Settlement and the Yorktown Victory Center continue the tradition of A Colonial Christmas with a glimpse of 17th- and 18th-century holiday traditions with special programs. At the Yorktown Victory Center, hear accounts of Christmas and winter in military encampments during the American Revolution and glimpse holiday preparations on a 1780s farm. Colonial Williamsburg serves up music, dance and merriment with a multitude of holiday events including a Scottish New Year’s Eve celebration.

In Historic Yorktown, join the Christmas Tree Lighting procession on December 5 and enjoy the lights of the Boat Parade on December 6. A Saturday morning holiday market, Yorktown Market Days, on December 13 is followed by a Toyland Parade, complete with Santa and Mrs. Claus and a ride on the Polar Express.

With our Premium Outlets and local shops, we have a wide selection of gifts for Christmas giving, and big sales to welcome the New Year.

Virginia Holiday Experiences

Virginia is for Lovers

This December, treat your family to hot cocoa and drives to see millions of brilliant lights. Or perhaps a cozy cabin getaway with fireside chats and brisk outdoor fun is your speed. Whatever you choose will be perfect because you’re in it together, and together is where LOVE lives.

Get great holiday decorating ideas when you tour Virginia’s historic homes donned in their finest greenery and glitz. Presidential homes like Mount Vernon and Monticello sparkle with period trimmings during candlelight tours while private homes open their doors to showcase modern day holiday decor.

Heartwarming Getaways

Yes, you can get away from it all, and take your family with you! Enjoy a heartwarming getaway this holiday season and start a new family tradition. Come, be our guest!

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Holidays in Virginia

Get in the spirit of the holiday season with parades, home tours, glistening lights, and shopping, of course! Whether it's a day away or four, your time spent together is right where LOVE lives.

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100 Miles of Lights

Come share the glow of the season and experience millions of lights and hundreds of events from Virginia's capital city to the Atlantic Ocean. You have seen no light show like Virginia's 100 Miles of Lights.

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