Unique Venues

It's no secret the Historic Triangle is home to many unique locations: from living history museums to battlefields, great halls to parks! Immerse yourself in the world of colonial times, when in 1607, the first English settlement was founded. Find out how they got there, what they did and how they lived. You'll feel like a colonist yourself when the day is through! Also check out the many museums dedicated to the battles of the Revolutionary War. The Yorktown Victory Center is located near to the battlefield where American and French forces came together to defeat the British. Included there are colonial reenactors as well! 

Discover the history outside of the Revolutionary War at the Yorktown Frieght Shed. It began as a ship house for Baltimore steamships until 1952, when it became a post office. By 2005 the building had been renovated and serves now as a great hall for functions like weddings and corporate meetings, concerts, get-togethers and more!