Five Questions With…Williamsburg Entrepreneur, Tabitha Sewer

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1. What are some of your family’s favorite activities in Williamsburg?

We love going to the local farmers markets. It’s a great time to walk through all of the booths and support local businesses, artists, and makers. My kids love it because everyone seems to bring their dogs out! A favorite of theirs is the basil lemonade from Aromas. They look forward to it every spring.

Tabitha Works at Her Desk

2. What is your personal favorite activity in the Williamsburg area?

Antique Shopping! The Williamsburg area is known for it. There are a ton of shops between Williamsburg and Toano that I visit frequently. I love the adventure of hunting for new, different, and unique things for my home and vintage sewing supplies! My favorite place of all is Everything Vintage Co. If you are in the area, I would highly suggest that you check them out.

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3. How would you describe Williamsburg in one word?

Charming. Coming from a military family and having been in the military myself, I’ve moved around a lot and lived in different cities. Williamsburg has this unique ability to maintain small town charm, but it also has an abundance of things to do and places to eat. There’s also a relaxing pace here. There isn't that rushed hustle-and-bustle feel you get from a big city. It just feels like home, which is a big deal for someone who has moved as much as I have.

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4. All that antique shopping has worked up an appetite. Where should we eat?

This is the hardest question! Between running a business and raising a family, I’m not much of a cook, so my family has likely tried every restaurant in the area. There are so many and so much variety, you can go to an area like Richmond Road and try a new restaurant every day. Food for Thought is one of our favorites with a big menu for the whole family (I love the shrimp and grits). Blue Talon Bistro is also a go-to any time.

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5. As an artistic entrepreneur, what about Williamsburg inspires you?

I’ve always been a fan of old things, so the history of this area is appealing to me, but what has really been interesting lately is seeing history mix with modern. For example, steps away from a living history museum, you can find a modern restaurant making unique, creative dishes. The mix of the two works so well. It’s similar to what I like to do with my business. I love looking through antique and vintage stores for old sewing patterns and notions, mixing it with modern trends, and making something different. That blend of old and new is really inspiring.

About Tabitha:

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Tabitha Sewer lives in Williamsburg. She is a military veteran and small business owner who creates her own styles and shares them with others on Instagram. Learn more about Tabitha on her site and via social media.

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