The Most Instagrammable Dishes and Drinks in Williamsburg

The saying goes “you eat with your eyes first” and in recent years, it’s been updated to “the camera eats first.” With so many beautiful (and delicious) dishes and drinks in Williamsburg, your eyes, camera, and stomach will have something to feast on.

Follow along for some of @liketheteaEATS’ picks for prettiest and tastiest bites in and around Williamsburg.

Masala Craft Indian Kitchen – New to Williamsburg’s food scene, Masala Craft’s Chaat of the Day is not to be missed. A pure flavor bomb of sweet, sour, spicy, tangy, and crunchy; every bite was delicious. During our visit, the dish was made with puffed rice, tamarind, mango, lime, kiwi, and cilantro (just to name a few ingredients). In terms of presentation, there were so many pops of color. From yellows, greens, and a touch of pink, all our senses simply could not get enough.

La Tienda – It’s impossible to visit a Spanish restaurant without ordering the Paella (and of course a glass of sangria). La Tienda serves three different versions; we opted for the Pollo y Chorizo Paella. This dish gave me all the heart eyes. The rice was nice and crispy at the bottom and topped with delicious pieces of juicy chorizo, piquillo peppers, and string beans for some contrast. Attached to the restaurant is a Spanish Market where you can buy wines, spices, your very own paella starter kit, and more!

Cochon on 2nd – Cochon on 2nd serves beautiful (and mouthwatering) bites. Moody’s Sticky Ribs were every bit as delicious as they were photogenic. A stack of six ribs was placed before us in a sweet Thai chili sauce and after snapping a few pictures, my fiancée and I could not put them down. The restaurant’s open kitchen offers a clear vantage for watching plate after plate of these delicious beauties come off the line and onto hungry guests’ tables.

Shoofly Dairy Bar – When it comes to dessert, there’s nothing more satisfying to me than ice cream on a warm day. In my eyes, a perfect Chocolate + Vanilla Twist in a cone made with local dairy is the dream. Shoofly Dairy Bar hit all those notes, plus the shop is so cute for all your Instagrammable moments.

Baker's Crust Artisan Kitchen – Poached eggs, zingy tomato sauce, avocado, and feta combine for a beautifully delicious bowl of Shakshuka at Baker’s Crust. Not only was every bite delicious, but with all these bright colors, you’d find it truly difficult to resist snapping a photo.

Alewerks Brewing Company – What’s better than one beer? Sampling all of them! A tasting flight is always my go-to when visiting a new brewery. Not only do I get a chance to check out all the beers offered and figure out which I’ll be grabbing a six-pack to-go, but a photo of all the tasters is something I always want to snap and share on Instagram! The Belgian Blonde, Kalypso’s Island was my favorite, but connect with the bartender to find the best beer for your taste buds.


Amber Ox Public House – When it comes to food that I consider Instagrammable, I also like something on the creative side, and Amber Ox Public House really delivered. On a recommendation from our waiter, we tried the Squash Elote, and it’s been on my mind ever since. A whole squash is roasted and topped with cotija cheese, pickled red onions, salsa matcha aioli, and chicharrons. Unexpected and full of bright colors, this dish was a real showstopper. Pro tip: while you’re there you can also sample the beers brewed at their neighboring brewery, Precarious Beer Hall.


Zaaaahhh! Pizza at The Bake Shop – Detroit-style pizza has exploded on the east coast recently and with good reason – it’s delicious. The Bake Shop brings this cheesy, crispy, and doughy style of pizza to Williamsburg. As you pull the first slice from the pie, you’re met with an epic cheese-pull which is totally drool-worthy. We tried the Hipster Special and Patatas Bravas and they both had epic sauce drizzles and pure flavor explosion that came with each bite. Their breads and pastries also look delicious and can probably totally satisfy your sweet tooth.


The Social Terrace at the Williamsburg Inn – Snacks and cocktails (or mocktails) are a perfect match in my mind. When my fiancée and I were browsing the menu looking for a bite to eat, the Garden Beet Hummus really jumped at us. Beet hummus is usually a bright pink color and The Social Terrace’s version certainly delivered on that. It was also super fresh and a lovely accompaniment to a drink on a hot summer day.

Secret Garden Café – I absolutely love bubble tea! It’s refreshing on a hot day and can be customized exactly to your specific tastes. My go-to is always Mango Green Tea with Mango Jelly and the version at Secret Garden Café was awesome. A nice balance of the mango flavor and a good number of jellies (which are my favorite part; they’re the texture of gummy bears and I’m a huge fan!), and of course a vibrant orange color.


Blackbird Bakery – Located in Merchants Square, this charming bakery bakes up a fresh selection of treats daily. We sampled a few items (canelé, chocolate chip cookie, and a blueberry lemon loaf), but the real standout was the donut. It was bite sized, fluffy, and filled with a delicious custard. But I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with any of the treats in the pastry case. Pro tip, arrive early because some items do sell out!


Wythe Candy & Gourmet Shop – I have a huge sweet tooth and chocolate covered apples are one of my favorite treats. The balance of textures and flavors is always a surreal experience. When I saw the array at Wythe Candy & Gourmet Shop, I couldn’t resist. The caramel apple with chocolate and peanuts is the one that stood out to me the most, but there were at least ten different varieties. Also, the selection of gummy candies and chocolates here is otherworldly!


Charly’s Airport Restaurant – When it comes to photogenic, sometimes it’s about the atmosphere as much as the food. Sitting along the runway watching planes land and takeoff while enjoying a sandwich on fresh baked bread is a winning combo that I didn’t know I was missing. A French Dip is one of my favorite sandwiches, and the fresh bread here is nothing short of fantastic. Rumor has it, Saturday is a very busy day on the runway so there is usually plenty of plane watching. Pro tip: save-room for a house-made dessert.


Virginia Beer Company – This brewery is a little over five years old and is pouring some delicious beers. My personal favorite was “One Night in Maine,” which was a blueberry sour beer and had a beautiful purple hue to it. They have a great selection of beers on the hoppier side, too. Ask the bartender’s recommendation and don’t be afraid to try something new!

Old City Barbeque (Food Truck at Virginia Beer Company) – What’s better than Mac N Cheese? Loaded Mac N Cheese topped with brisket, sweet BBQ sauce, and scallions. I could not get enough of this goodness and as I walked back to my table, more than a few guests were looking at my cheesy, meaty order with heart eyes.

The Hounds Tale Corner BARKery Milkshake – Loaded milkshakes are the best of both worlds. On one hand, you get a delicious ice cream dessert, and on the other, you get all the sweet treats adorning this concoction. At The Corner BARKery, my fiancée and I split a cookies n cream milkshake that was loaded with a variety of cookies. It was such a great treat for a hot summer day. Bonus: this place is pup-friendly, so don’t hesitate to bring your furry friends along!


Culture Café – Chicken & Waffles is the perfect brunch dish. It’s a great mix of salty, savory, and sweet. The version at Culture Café knocked it out of the park and served with a side of local honey, it’s a must order. Also, be sure you check out the house-made breads and pastries. They are the best accompaniment to a delicious brunch!

Which spot is first on your list for your trip to Williamsburg?

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