Android Photography Workshop

The Mariners' Museum
100 Museum Drive
Newport News, VA 23606
United States 100 Museum Drive Newport News 23606


  • Guests: $40.00
  • Members: $25.00

$25 for Members; $40 for guests
Learn how to shoot like a pro with tips and tricks for smartphone photography with Photography Instructor Steven J. Canale. During this class you'll learn the tips and tricks of Android photography and how to shoot the best photos you possibly can, using apps that will help push your pictures to the next level. You'll learn creative techniques and how to shoot in challenging light. Additionally, learn how to post-process your images on your Android without using expensive photo editing software. Student Materials:
Bring your Smartphone fully charged with the required Smartphone Apps preloaded.
Smartphone Apps Required (purchased through the iTunes or Google App stores)
Snapseed (Google, Inc) FREE