Copper Fox Distillery Williamsburg: One Year Anniversary!

Copper Fox Distillery
901 Capitol Landing Road
Williamsburg, VA 23185
United States 901 Capitol Landing Road Williamsburg 23185


  • At the Door: $20.00
  • Online: $15.00

It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since we fired up the stills for the first time in Williamsburg. What a year it has been:

Six of the vacant motor - court buildings have had new life breathed into them.

Six hand-crafted wooden doors have been built from reclaimed wood salvaged during demolition.

Our Williamsburg product line-up expanded from two to seven with another one on the way very soon (hint, hint)….

More than 4000 tastings and 2400 craft cocktails have been enjoyed Over 2600 bottles of spirits have been welcomed into Williamsburg area homes.

1,627,914 nails were pulled (ok...we may have lost count and exaggerated that last one!).

Please join us as for a spirited evening with craft cocktails, musical stylings from Good Shot Judy, and the culinary delights of Off- Beat Eats. Tickets are available online and includes access to the event, a signature Copper Fox engraved cocktail glass and your first cocktail