Conglomerate II, 2017 Oil on panel, PLA (3D designed & printed elements), Goldleaf, and Hydrographics 25 × 32 × 5 in 63.5 × 81.3 × 12.7 cm

Gilded Splinters/ Alison Stinely

Linda Matney Fine Art Gallery
5435 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23188
United States 5435 Richmond Rd Williamsburg 23188


ALISON STINELY'S GILDED SPLINTERS In "Gilded Splinters," Alison Stinely utilizes various types of sculpting in collaboration with oil painting in order to create impactful pieces that are independent of a traditional frame. Stinely's work exudes a breath of life that it is everlasting, fantastical, and honest.

PRESS RELEASE The desire to incorporate sculptural elements with my oil paintings was born from rediscovering art and architecture of past eras during a stay in Italy where I was able to view such works "in the flesh." In order to elevate the drama and intrusive nature of the painted narrative, I literally pushed the painting upward and outward.

Because these objects were not standalone sculptures but meant to accompany a painting, I initially considered them as over exaggerated frames; considering design elements of the Baroque, the gaudiness of the French Rococo, as well as Medieval architecture. Having spent most of my artistic career focused on the intricacies of oil paint.