Lamenting Delaware's Death

Historic Jamestowne
1368 Colonial Parkway
Jamestown, VA 23081
United States 1368 Colonial Parkway Jamestown 23081

Part of our World of 1619 Series: Join Edward Brewster, the captain of Lord Delaware's personal guard, and other townspeople as they lament the recent death of Governor General Thomas West. Also known as Lord Delaware, West first arrived in Virginia in 1610, bringing supplies and soldiers after the "starving time" winter. He saved the settlement from abandonment but returned to England the following year, leaving a number of "deputies" to run the colony.

In April 1618, amidst rumors of possible corruption in the Virginia Company, Delaware once again departed for Virginia. While crossing the Atlantic, West's ship happened upon one belonging to Deputy Governor Samuel Argall and a few days later a mysterious "sickness" swept West's ship killing a number of the crew, including the governor general. Now having buried Delaware, Brewster must determine what really happened!

Program will also be offered at 10:00am, 12:30pm and 3:00pm.