Revolution: Mapping the Road to American Independence

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Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg
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Williamsburg, VA 23185
United States Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg Williamsburg 23185


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Authors Richard Brown and Paul Cohen discuss the skills of the surveyors, artists and engravers who ultimately helped tell the stories of war. A signing for their book "Revolution: Mapping the Road to American Independence" follows the talk. At the Treaty of Paris, the French and Indian War ended, and King George III gained clear title to more territory than had ever been exchanged in any other war before or since. The British military employed its best-trained artists and engineers to map the richest prize in its Empire. They would need those maps for the fratricidal war that would begin twelve years later. The high skills of the surveyors, artists, and engravers who delineated the topography and fields of battle allow us to observe the unfolding of events that ultimately defined the United States.