Sweethaven Lavender Farm

2301 Jolly Pond Road
Williamsburg, VA 23188
United States 2301 Jolly Pond Road Williamsburg 23188

Sweethaven was a seed planted in the soil of our family’s heart years before God enabled us to purchase the farm. The idea of sharing our farm with the community was born from a desire to unite as a family around common goals of stretching our skillsets, stewarding the resources entrusted to our care, and creating an atmosphere for sharing the wonder of God’s creation with others. Watching this dream blossom into reality through the support of long-time friends, extended family and neighbors-turned close friends brings us joy beyond measure. 

We’re often asked, “Why lavender?” Well, we chose lavender for many reasons:

  • It’s gorgeous in its simplicity and the scent of it on the breeze is exhilarating

  • Lavender essential oil is known as the “Swiss Army Knife” of oils for its healing, calming, and antibacterial properties

  • Lavender’s bloom time coincides with the end of our school year. We educate our children at home, so lavender is a perfect fit for our family calendar

  • It’s perennial, so in theory we should be able to do the hard work at the onset and then move to a sustainable maintenance mode (so far that theory is proving to be just that...the work is never-ending. Ha! But we love it anyway.)


A word about our products:

  • Our daughter formulated our skincare line after taking an international course in organic skincare formulation. We want to be certain that we’re following the highest possible standards for proper safety practices and we want to be knowledgeable about every ingredient we’re using

  • We have painstakingly chosen and sourced each ingredient for its nourishing attributes and sustainable practices

  • Our formulas have the shortest ingredient list possible to accomplish the desired skin-enhancing effects while ensuring shelf-life stability and safety all while using natural oils and plant-derived preservatives

  • We believe in the motto, “Only put on your skin what you’d put in your mouth.” While our lotions aren’t meant for licking, they wouldn’t be toxic.

Why the name Sweethaven? 

That’s simple. The farm has become a refuge for our family to explore the beauty of nature and to withdraw from the high-speed, technology driven aspects of modern society. We want our haven to be your haven; a sweet place to withdraw, recharge, and create meaningful memories. Leave the hustle and bustle behind and meditate amongst the purple rows while butterflies flit around you. Sit a spell and pack a picnic lunch. It’s food for your soul. 

Check out our Facebook page for updates on when we’ll be hosting our first in a series of Friday night “Bible Studies in the Barn”. There’ll be singing, snacks, and a Q & A time. Let’s build community and grow together. All are welcome!