Yoga & Wine at the Williamsburg Winery

Williamsburg Winery
5800 Wessex Hundred
Williamsburg, VA 23185
United States 5800 Wessex Hundred Williamsburg 23185


  • Per class: $25

Yes, you read that correctly, wine paired with yoga, or maybe it's yoga paired with wine - either way it's going to be amazing! The Williamsburg Winery is proud to partner with Mary Robinson from Body Balance Studio to bring you a yoga and wine program unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Renowned instructor Mary Robinson has created a program designed to incorporate elements of our featured wine of the week into the yoga practice. For example, a The Midsummer Night's White wine is lightly sweet, aromatic and tropical. You can expect a Midsummer Night's White yoga class to be similar, a light gentle practice, including tropical themed yoga music, a playful vinyasa flow, as well as mindfulness and meditation. We told you this is awesome!

After the one hour class, participants will enjoy a glass of the featured wine in our all-new Westbury Hall Cellar Room!

A Message from Mary: "For quite some time I struggled with the feeling that two of my passions, yoga and wine, were at odds. I worried that I would need to choose. Recently, I realized these two passions fit together quite well. While wine tasting, we surrender to our senses to explore the complexity and depth of the wine. Similarly, in yoga, with each posture, we use our breath and movement to explore the deep complexity of the mind body connection. By incorporating elements of the wine into our yoga practice, we allow ourselves to deepen the wine tasting experience beyond tasting, and into feeling."

Classes are $25 per session.

Space is very limited. The experience includes a 1-hr guided yoga class, a glass of wine and a 15% discount voucher off lunch at the Gabriel Archer Tavern.