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Meet The Family Funologist

Watch real families reconnect with the help of our Family Funologist. Then see how a fun getaway could be just what the doctor ordered for your family too.
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Get a healthy dose of fun
Greater Williamsburg offers the perfect getaway to have full-tilt fun, kick back and relax and discover something new – all in one amazing trip. You can ride roller coasters, go undercover as a Revolutionary spy, then head outdoors to bike, hike, Segway and zip line your way to adventure. When was the last time your family had fun like that?

Did you know 84% of kids report feeling closer to their parents when they take time off? In her Family Funology practice, nine-year-old Dr. Mira Madison sees the toll vacation deprivation is taking on American families. She helps her patients reconnect by recommending fun getaways that include plenty of adventure, discovery, relaxation and together time. As Dr. Mira likes to say, “A healthy dose of fun is just what the doctor ordered.”

Is your family suffering from vacation deprivation? Take my Family Fun Quiz and find out.