Column 15 Coffee

701-R Merrimac Trail
Williamsburg, VA 23185
United States

The goal of this company is not just to bring craft coffee and beverages to the local community of Williamsburg, but to turn the peninsula area into a source of quality coffee for Virginia, with nitro cold brew as our flagship product. Column 15 Coffee Roastery offers a line of locally roasted coffee products that are uncompromising in quality and coming soon will launch a full immersive touring experience including complimentary flights of coffee that will have patrons dive deep into the science of good coffee. Column 15 is transparent in their origins, so consumers can appreciate a coffee’s regional uniqueness, from the bold caramel and dark cherry notes of Colombia to the floral and fruity notes of Guatemala. The design of our space reflects our passion for coffee and science, filling the space with the same cozy but unique twists that you can get with our products.