Masala Craft Indian Kitchen

5223 Monticello Avenue, Suite E
Williamsburg, VA 23188
United States

Masala Craft Indian Kitchen (Masala Craft) is rooted in tradition and care with cherished, family recipes. Masala Craft uses spices meticulously grown from seeds to flavor their dishes. At Masala Craft, guests will rediscover age-old recipes from the Punjab, known for its bold and rustic flavors. Sarson Ka Saag (spinach and mustard greens), smooth and rich butter chicken and creamy Dal Makhni are just a few of the items on the menu.

Their featured dishes from other regions of India - banana leaf steamed fish from Bengal, creamy coconut chicken curry made with mustard oil from Kerala, traditional Vindaloo from Goa and Laal Maas from Rajasthan are rich, flavorful, and sure to tantalize and transport your tastebuds. Masala Craft also serves appetizers including samosas and pakoras, tandoor baked breads and desserts.Their menu also includes cocktails and Indian spirits including an Indian whiskey flight.