School gym

James City County Area Schools

5340 Palmer Lane
Williamsburg, VA 23188
United States

This listing includes facility information for Hornsby Middle School, Blayton Elementary School, Warhill High School, Jamestown High School, and Matoka Elementary School.

Contact: Department of Parks and Recreation 5340 Palmer Lane, Suite 1A Williamsburg, VA 23188

Field Details:

Matthew Whaley: 1 Softball field, 1 Mixed Surface Multi-Use Field, 1 Non-Regulation Basketball Court (Tile Floor)

Hornsby/Blayton: Four lighted multiuse natural grass fields. All fields have goals for soccer, one has football goals, and one has field hockey goals. Two lighted natural grass softball fields (200' fence) and one natural grass lighted baseball field (300' fence). Hornsby Gymnasium, one full-size court, Blayton Gymnasium, one non-regulation court. 

Warhill High School: One lighted large baseball field (364' fence). One lighted softball field (230' fence). One Multi-Use Field (Fit for Football, Field Hockey, Soccer), One Intermediate sized gymnasium

Jamestown High School: One lighted large baseball field (378' fence). One lighted softball field (275' fence). One full-size, regulation gymnasium.

- Restrooms, Locker rooms, lighting, lighted scoreboard, concessions, parking 

Lafayette High School: One Full-Size regulation Basketball/Volleyball Court, One Multi-Use Field and 8-Lane Track (130 yds x 75 yds)

- Parking, Locker Room, Restroom, Lighted Scoreboard 

Matoaka School: Two lighted natural grass multiuse fields have full-sized soccer goals and LAX goals. One natural grass lighted baseball field (300' fence). One intermediate size gym, non regulation.

- Restrooms, Concessions, Lighted Scoreboard, Parking, Electricity 

Stonehouse: 2 Baseball/Softball Fields (270'),  2 Mixed Grass Soccer/Lacrosse/Field Hockey Fields (330 ft x 180 ft), 1 Gymnasium Intermediate (Non-Regulation)

Toano: 1 Full Size/Regulation Gymnasium, 1 Multi-Use field (130 yds. by 75 yds.), 1 Softball Field (No Fence-Line), 1 Baseball Field (330')

- Lighting, Restrooms, Locker Rooms, Lighted Scoreboard, Portable Bleachers, Parking

Sports available: 
Field Hockey