Student Educational Programs

The Greater Williamsburg Area offers a variety of educational programs that encourage and support hands-on learning opportunities and fun experiential programs for various youth groups including programs for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and entertainment groups. Listed below are samples of the many programs offered at our area attractions.

Please contact each attraction directly for more information.

Berkeley Plantation

Life in the 18th Century focuses on the social standards and education of of the time as compared to present day. President William Henry Harrison examines the life of the former President from his boyhood at Berkeley to his time at the White House. The Civil War and The Army of the Potomac allows students to visit General George McClellan’s Berkeley headquarters which supplied 140,000 union soldiers in 1862. 804-829-6018 or 888-466-6018

Busch Gardens/Water Country USA

Whether they’re exploring the science of roller coasters or performing on our Italy stage, your students will learn, create memories and have a blast on this school outing. Enjoy one of our youth programs, Launch Into Physics, by engaging your students with the experience of physics in action! Our “science of thrills” experts will motivate your students by bringing physics to life in the exciting surroundings of our world-class theme park. Soundwaves Busch Gardens Williamsburg would like to invite your band, choir, or orchestra to join our prestigious team of Sound Waves graduates. Sound Waves offers a unique performance venue to showcase your group’s talent or try one of our “Behind the Scenes Tours.” With Wolf Encounter, you’ll take a closer look at these misunderstood animals and how they are coping to survive in the modern world. Learn about the wolf’s fierce loyalty to its pack, the important role wolves play in the wild, and what we can do to help them survive in this up-close encounter with America’s top predator. In Coasters 101, experience the thrills of science and technology in a real-world setting. Coasters 101 puts classroom learning into motion. Take a tour with the experts at Busch Gardens as they lead your group into the control rooms and the maintenance bays of some of the world’s most beloved and advanced thrill coasters. View the entire Youth Program Catalog.

Colonial Williamsburg

Embark on a revolutionary adventure every time you step into Revolutionary City, our daily two-hour street theater. Visit artisans throughout the Historic Area and learn what it was like to be a resident of a town at the heart of America’s quest for independence. Colonial Evening Programs offer a variety of 18th-century entertainment, from dance to theatre.

Historic Jamestowne

Mysteries of the Past teaches students what archaeology and documents reveal about America’s birthplace. Jamestown: A Beginning explores the challenges faced by the three cultures in the settlement of Jamestowne. On the Ranger Guided Walking Tour student walk the very ground where America was settled by the English.

Jamestown Settlement

Life at Jamestown introduces students to the early struggles in the colony through interactive demonstrations. Compare and contrast the different Cultures an Jamestown through studying artifacts and role-playing. Take part in corn grinding, hide-scraping and other activities in Living with the Indians.

Yorktown Battlefield & Visitor Center

Fortunes of War helps students understand how the American Revolution impacted the lives of soldiers and citizens. Take a Siege Line Walking Tour to learn about the events surrounding the last major battle between Washington and Cornwallis. In a Non-Firing Artillery Demonstration, students learn about the weaponry used in the Revolutionary War.

American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

Colonial Life allows students to explore life on a typical 1780s Tidewater Virginia farm. Analyze and develop historical skills of the American Revolution in Life of a Private. Examine reproductions of 18th-century medical tools and procedures and make an herbal remedy to take home with you in the Colonial Medicine program.

Virginia Living Museum

Survival – It’s Wild examines the different physical and behavioral adaptations that animals develop that make it possible for them to survive environmental extremes. Oasis in Space is a full-dome feature about life in space! Through A Meaningful Watershed Experience, students confront real-life ecological challenges in this hands-on lab.

Performance opportunities are available at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Colonial Williamsburg in addition to other non-traditional venues. Please call 800-368-6511 for more information. Programs are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the attractions individually. Notice an error?  Email us