10 Attractions in Greater Williamsburg that Cost $10 or Less

In honor of Founding Father and pop-culture icon Alexander Hamilton, here are 10 ways to spend your “Hamiltons.”

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – A smash Broadway play helped keep Alexander Hamilton on the 10-dollar bill. The country's first Treasury Secretary helped save a young nation from bankruptcy. To celebrate those milestones, here are 10 ways to max out the value of your “Hamiltons” in Greater Williamsburg. Think of it as preserving your personal treasury. Alexander would be pleased. 

1. Flash Hamilton's likeness and you'll get into the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown with 25 cents to spare. It chronicles the Revolutionary period, from colonial unrest to the formation of the new nation. Hamilton commanded troops that won an important small battle at Yorktown. You'll find some Alexander-worthy swag in the gift shop, including books, videos, and figurines.

2. Movie Tavern. Beer, burgers, and recliners in this Williamsburg dinner theater make it seem like watching the big screen at home. How long can it be before Hamilton — The Musical hits theaters? Until then, settle in for the show. Tickets are $8.  

3. Go-Karts Plus. Enjoy eight acres of fun in Williamsburg. Plunk down $4.50-$7.50 for most rides. The tracks range from beginner to the expert Super Stockart Track, where you race around a high-banked oval, NASCAR style. There's also mini-golf, the watery blaster boats, bumper cars, an arcade, and more.

4. The Williamsburg Winery. The setting is stunning, a trip back to the Old Country on the outside of town, where a 300-acre winery — the largest in Virginia — awaits. The fine wine tasting, which includes a souvenir glass, is $9. Cheers!

5. Waller Mill Park. A 360-acre lake and hiking trails are the centerpieces of this park not far from downtown Williamsburg. Bargains abound. Duel your nemesis Burrs at disc golf for just $2 plus a buck for the disc rental. Cruise in a pedal boat for $8 an hour. Or rent a jon boat for $8 a day and see if you land a fish tale to tell later.

6. Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf. Navigating your way through 18 holes of streams, waterfalls, and sunken ships is just $8.95. Choose between the Captain's Course and Blackbeard's Challenge or just walk the plank with your putter and play both. Remember, Hamilton was born in the West Indies, home turf to pirates of the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy.

7. Muscarelle Museum of Art. At the College of William & Mary, you can enjoy special exhibitions and a revolving permanent collection of more than 5,000 works, including prints, drawings, paintings, photos, and ceramics from the U.S. and elsewhere. Especially noteworthy are 17th- and 18th-century Colonial American and English portraits, many from Hamilton’s era. The entrance fee is exactly the value of a Hamilton.

8. Yorktown Battlefield. For just $7, you can see where American Independence was won in the final battle of the Revolutionary War. In 1781 British forces under Lord Charles Cornwallis surrendered here to the combined American and French armies led by General George Washington. Check out the visitor center, which features an orientation film and museum exhibits, before driving through the battlefield.

9. James City County Marina Park. Located on the historic Powhatan Creek behind Jamestown Island, the marina offers a great place to paddle the waterways where Captain John Smith and others traveled as they settled on Jamestown Island. Rent a kayak for $9 an hour. Or if you prefer to explore by bike, the marina’s close proximity to the Virginia Capital Trail and the Colonial Parkway offers a great opportunity to bike along these scenic routes. Bike rentals are $9 an hour.

10. Alewerks Brewing Company. Catch the tour and enjoy a tasting at this direct-fired brick-clad Peter Austin brew house, which includes six beers and a glass, for $8.95. The tours happen Saturdays and Sundays, but you can enjoy a guided tasting for $7.95 on weekdays. Hamilton would surely have raised a mug to that.


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