On the Antiques Trail in Greater Williamsburg

Take a shopping spin around the area for some great vintage finds

Lucky Junque
Williamsburg Antique Mall
Everything Vintage
TK Asian Antiquities,

On the Antiques Trail in Greater Williamsburg

Take a shopping spin around the area for some great vintage finds

It's hardly surprising that Greater Williamsburg is a mecca for antique collectors. Four hundred years of history infuses the area. No wonder the popular PBS series, Antiques Roadshow, stopped by a few years ago. 

Whether you enjoy doing it yourself and transforming trash into treasure or have refined, high-end taste, the area offers shops that demand your attention.

At Lucky Junque in Toano, the specialty is DIY painting and restoring of furniture. But you'll also find all kinds of salvage items from doors to windows to mantels as well as antique collectibles and local crafts. 

The Lazy Daisy Gift Shop in Williamsburg sells upcycled and restyled furniture as well as handmade gifts, jewelry, and other one-of-a-kind finds.
If you're ambitious, the area has several large antique malls where you can get lost in the beauty of the past for afternoons at a time. 

Sprawling over 45,000 square feet, the Williamsburg Antique Mall has everything you could imagine: coins, dolls, pottery, Depression-era glass, comics, Hummel figurines, clothing, antique tools, Civil War memorabilia, and, of course, antique furniture. If you work up an appetite, don't worry, there's a cafe inside the mall called, appropriately, Café Antiquity. 

Everything Vintage in Williamsburg is anything but your typical antique shop. You'll find rare and unusual items as well as vintage clothing, cameras, postcards, industrial and architectural items. They also stock unique pieces of lumber which you can repurpose for furniture or anything else your creative mind conjures.

If you are looking to splurge on something you can pass down through the generations, head to TK Asian Antiquities, one of the world’s leading dealers in documented Asian antiquities. The company's main gallery is in Williamsburg with a satellite gallery in New York. Offerings are documented using a variety of techniques including X-rays, radiocarbon dating, chemical testing, and electron microprobe. You will find paintings, ceramics, jewelry, jade, textiles, and ancient gold, among other treasures. The gallery is open Tuesdays through Fridays. 

When you're finished exploring the art of antiques, check out the art on the plate with romantic dining spotsinnovative drinks, and best sea-to-table dining. Then plan your visit to Greater Williamsburg today.

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