10 Ultimate Money Savers in Williamsburg

From bike rentals and free concerts to go-karts and mini-golf, here are great ways to have fun on a budget.

Biking in Colonial Williamsburg
Go-Karts Plus
Silver Hand Meadery
Patriot Tours and Provisions Segway
Williamsburg Botanical Gardens

If your wallet is a little squeezed — and whose isn't these days? — it's another reason to check out Greater Williamsburg where a penny saved is just around the corner. And, remember, you're not cheap. You're prudent.

Here are 10 deals too good — and too prudent — to resist.

Let the Wheels Turn Round and Round

Hop into the saddle and take a bike ride around Yorktown's historic streets or through New Quarter Park, where there are miles of mountain biking trails, by renting from Patriot Tours. (Bike rentals start at $7.50 per hour.)

Put on Your Sailing Shoes

Go down to the sea without leaving land and visit The Watermen's Museum (admission: $5) for an eye-opening look into the role watermen have played on the Chesapeake Bay from Colonial times to today. If you want to stretch your sea legs even more, head to The Mariners' Museum and Park (admission: $1) for exhibits ranging from the turret of the USS Monitor to a look at the America's Cup.

Flick It with Free Popcorn

Movie Tavern combines a flick with food. What could be better than a movie, a margarita, and a meal? But the best deal is Movie Tuesdays for only $5, which includes free popcorn. Hard to beat that.

Putt Putt Your Night Away

You know you have a special spot for mini golf. It would be un-American not to smile at the idea of 18 kitschy holes. Hit Catfish Cove Mini Golf  and navigate the waterfalls, ponds, and the jeers of your competitors. (Admission for adults is $9; for children, $7.)

Hit the Not-So-Dusty Trail, Jack

Whether you prefer beer, wine, liquor, or mead (yes, mead for you Renaissance fans) to quench your thirst, there's relief on the Williamsburg Tasting Trail. Take an afternoon, designate a driver, and explore the craft that has grown throughout Greater Williamsburg.

Dip Your Toes in the Water

Beaches, creeks, rivers, ponds. Kayaks, canoes, paddle boats. They make for a good marriage. And they're a lot more reasonable than a diamond ring. Make a commitment. Choose one and enjoy the watery highlights throughout the area without breaking the bank.

Shimmy to the Sounds of Summer

Check those old concert ticket stubs. When was the last time you went for free? Exactly. Every Thursday through the summer, there are free tunes on the Yorktown waterfront. Motown, disco, funk, pop. You name it. Grab a chair and sit back and enjoy. Or get up and dance the sunset away.

Free Yourself in Nature

Take a break. No need for one of those apps that "calm" you. Disconnect and wander through the Williamsburg Botanical Garden for some welcome moments of peace and beauty. You need it. We all need it. (Admission is free.)

Indulge Your Inner Lead Foot

Go fast, not far. Go-Karts Plus is the place to race on a budget that will let you save up for that dream trip to the Indy 500. Eight acres. Banked tracks. Fast cars. What's missing? Only your lead foot. (Ride tickets start at $1.50.)

Walk with Heroes

All you need is your knowledge of history and an imagination to walk the Yorktown Battlefield and enjoy the cheapest time travel since H.G. Wells published The Time Machine. It's all here. The earthworks. The exploding shells. One act of heroism after another. And it's a bargain. (Admission is $10, good for seven days. Look for entrance fee-free days on Aug. 25, Sept. 28, and Nov. 11, 2019.)

If that's not enough affordable fun, check out these great free things to do and family fun things to do. Then plan your visit today.

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