6 Fun Ways to Beat the Summer Heat in Williamsburg VA

From swimming and mini golf to theme parks and boat rides, you can have a summer blast in Williamsburg without working up a sweat

Water Country USA
Water Country USA
Schooner Alliance
Schooner Alliance

The heat is on. There's no denying it. Seasons in the sun are hotter than ever. But you can be chill in Greater Williamsburg with the right plan. 

Here are six ways we guarantee you'll beat the heat, leaving it panting and sweating out under the blazing sun, jealous.

1. Splish Splash, Get Away from the Heat's Wrath

Around Greater Williamsburg, there's water, water everywhere, both inside and out. Head to Great Wolf Lodge to cool off with water. Hang 10 on the indoor wave simulator. Dare to try the River Canyon Run, a twisting slide, or Alberta Falls, four stories of terrific tubing. Or gather the family for wave pool fun at Slap Tail Pond.

Great Wolf Lodge

Over at Water Country USA, there are thrills and chills galore as well. The Cutback Water Coaster is the only RocketBlast coaster on the East Coast, combining a water jet propulsion system, tunnels, and open-air saucers at a speed of 35 feet per second over 865 feet. That's just the newest thriller. Among the others, you'll have to decide between fast and slow, rides like the six-lane Nitro Racer, Vanish Point, a 75-foot tower that offers two paths including a 300-foot speed slide, or the Rock 'n Roll Island, a place to chill in the lazy river and let your heartrate return to normal.

2. Rock the Boat

Waller Mill Park features a 360-acre lake and wooded hiking trails. Pick a late afternoon with a breeze and cruise in a pedal boat or rent a boat and fishing pole and cast to create tall tales of the one that got away. Either way, you'll be cool.

Waller Mill Park

3. Become a Short-Putt Sinker

What says summer better than an early evening stroll over 18 holes of mini golf? Hit Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf and play a swash-buckling round putting through mountain caves, over footbridges, through waterfalls, and occasionally stray cannon fire from the renegade pirate. Or head over to Catfish Cove Mini Golf  and navigate the waterfalls, ponds, and jeers of your competitors.

Catfish Cove Mini Golf

 4. Cruise the Night Away

What's better than a cool breeze on the water as the sun dies on the horizon? Hop aboard a scenic sunset cruise on the York River aboard the Schooner Alliance. Passengers may lend a hand at setting sail or just sit back and enjoy a beverage or snack from the ship's galley under sails set with block and tackle.

Schooner Alliance

 5. Check Out the State of the Art

For a cool place to hang on a hot afternoon, visit The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum and the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum. They’re undergoing a $40 million expansion and upgrade, but they’re still open. The Abby Aldrich Folk Art Museum is the oldest continuously operating institution in the United States dedicated to the collection, exhibition, and preservation of American folk art. Among the ongoing exhibits at the museum are “Navajo Weavings” featuring more than 20 rare works created by Navajo women on hand looms in the late-19th and 20th centuries.

The DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum has the world's largest collection of Southern furniture and one of the largest collections of British ceramics outside England. There's also “To Arm Against an Enemy: Weapons of the Revolutionary War,” an exhibit of the weapons used by American, British, French, and Hessian troops during the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars.

Colonial Williamsburg Museums

6. Beat a Retreat to the Spa

What's cooler than a cave? The Williamsburg Salt Spa features a salt cave, the first on the East Coast, and float tanks. Talk about getting away from the heat. Enjoy time in the cave in one of the float tanks and emerge restored and, of course, chilled out.

Williamsburg Salt Spa

Not a cave-dwelling fan? Other options abound. The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg is a chance to travel through time to find just the right treatment. Their unique services blend ancient rituals with modern technology, offering pampering ranging from an herbal wrap and hot stone massage to a detoxifying herbal wrap and an African traditional band and strengthening massage. 

The Giving Tree Spa at Wyndham's Governor's Green Resort offers five types of massage, including deep tissue and hot stone, relaxing facials and body treatments featuring a Dead Sea chamomile mask or green mint algae. How refreshing!

Looking for more to do? Explore all the free options in the area and dive into Greater Williamsburg's secrets. Then start planning your visit to Greater Williamsburg today

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