Visit Williamsburg Influencer Marketing Campaign - Stats and Facts



Visit Williamsburg added influencer marketing to its paid media plan at the beginning of 2020, it was put on hold March through June due to COVID, and reinstated in July. Influencer marketing continues to be a strategic component of Visit Williamsburg’s marketing plan in 2021.   


Influencers provide a deeper level of engagement, allowing Visit Williamsburg to showcase a first-hand experience in an authentic way. It also increases awareness, connects the destination to potential new social media followers, and aids in content creation.


In 2020, Visit Williamsburg hosted 27 influencers. A combination of mega (over 1 million followers), macro (100,000 – 1 million followers), and micro (1,000 – 100,000 followers) influencers were activated, reaching a diverse array of ages, personas, and travel markets. 

Notable influencers who visited Williamsburg in 2020 include:

The Busby Family (1.9M followers)

Julia Berolzheimer (1.3M followers)

Amber Fillerup-Clark (1.3M followers) 

Renee Hahnel (541k followers)


The success of influencer campaigns is measured by capturing insights such as engagements, impressions, audience sentiment, and content. Visit Williamsburg’s 2020 influencer marketing campaign achieved the following Instagram metrics: 

  • 5,009 new Instagram followers gained 
  • More than 1.8 million engagements and over 18 million impressions on influencers' social media posts tied to the destination
  • 71.9% increase in overall engagements on Visit Williamsburg's Instagram, including a 124% increase in post saves - which is the most heavily weighted form of engagement on Instagram
  • 111 industry partners featured

Looking Ahead

The momentum built from Visit Williamsburg’s ongoing marketing efforts throughout the pandemic is starting to crest. Hotels are reporting increased bookings with spring break occupancy, in some cases, nearing 2019 numbers. Area attractions are seeing a steady rise in ticket sales and visitation, and some restaurants are experiencing pre-Covid sales numbers.         

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