New Cask Ale Every Friday

Cask Ales & Proper Pints

401 Second Street
Williamsburg, VA 23185
United States

Brewing is work, but beer is fun - so on Friday evenings, we tap a cask concoction of classic recipes infused with new ingredients to have some fun showcasing small batch offerings of our favorite recipes. Tapped each Friday at 4 pm, the Friday Brewmaster's Pin features gravity pours of Virginia Beer Co. recipes aged with various adjuncts such as maple syrup, fruit purées, vanilla beans, fresh hops, cinnamon sticks, cocoa nibs, and more.

In the tradition of old world cask ales, each Friday's pin is available in gravity pours of 20 oz. proper pints. Find the Brewmaster's Pin pouring on top of the bar starting at 4 pm, and upsize your experience as long as the liquid lasts! Then pair these one-off recipes with fresh plates from rotating food trucks throughout the night. And from March - October: live music EVERY FRIDAY from 6-9 pm!