Ships at jamestown Settlement

Jamestown Settlement

2110 Jamestown Road
Williamsburg, VA 23185
United States

It's a perfect time to visit Jamestown Settlement, where visitors are immersed in the world of America's first permanent English colony. 

Extensive gallery exhibits and film explore Jamestown's beginnings as a business venture, the impact of European colonization on the Powhatan Indian culture, and the origins of the first known Africans in Virginia. Outdoors, explore re-creations of a Powhatan Indian village and 1610-14 fort and board a replica of one of the three ships that sailed from England to Virginia in 1607. Cafe and gift shops.

Experience the "Pocahontas Imagined" special exhibition through January 28, 2018. Special events throughout the year. 

Save 20% on admission with a value-priced combination ticket with the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown: $23.00 adults; $12.00 ages 6-12. 2018: $25.50 adults, $12.25 ages 6-12. Free parking. 

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