Advertising Effectiveness & ROI Reports

Visit Williamsburg’s “LIfe. At your pace.” campaign achieved sustainable, quantitative results. The destination marketing organization's comprehensive reports illustrate the return on investment for every dollar spent on media.

The results from 2019 through 2022 can be found below:


  • The fall and holiday advertising influenced about 54,000 Williamsburg trips and about $75 million in visitor spending during November and December; the return on the fall and holiday ads was $86 in visitor spending for each $1 invested in the media

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  • Visit Williamsburg’s advertising (January – October 2022) ultimately influenced approximately 432,000 trips to the region, resulting in $832 million in visitor spending, and a return of $73 in visitor spending for each $1 invested in the media buy

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  • Additional media investment from May to June led ad awareness to grow from 51% to 52%, equating to about 300,000 additional ad-aware households

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  • From Jan. through April 2022, advertising generated 51% awareness, reaching 8.6 million target households

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  • The fall-themed, holiday-themed, and other advertising that ran during the 2021 fall and holiday seasons each reached about a third of target households; combined, 45% of target households recall seeing any of this advertising

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  • The 2020 “Life. At your pace.” advertising campaign included linear TV/CTV, digital banner, social, and influencer content advertising; the digital banner and social ads included summer, fall, and holiday executions 

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  • Visit Williamsburg influenced more than 350,000 trips to the destination in 2019 with its paid promotions; this resulted in more than $400 million in influenced visitor spending, or $86 for every $1 spent on marketing

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