How long have you lived in Williamsburg, and what keeps you here?

I’ve been here for about four years. I used to give ghost tours in Alexandria, and on the weekends, I would come down to Williamsburg to do ghost tours. I fell in love with the area. And so, when I had the chance to semi-retire, I decided Williamsburg was going to be my place.

What’s your favorite ghost story to tell on a tour?

All our Colonial Ghosts Tours take place in Colonial Williamsburg, and off of Duke of Gloucester Street. Behind the courthouse is the Peyton Randolph House, it’s the second most haunted house on the eastern seaboard. Over the years, 26 people have died in that house.

Peyton Randolph House Tour

What is the spookiest encounter you’ve had on a tour?

It was actually at the Peyton Randolph House. These two boys were messing around with each other, and when we got back to the Peyton Randolph House, I told my little story and heard one of the young men yelling “ouch, stop it!” he turned around, and nobody was there. He said he felt as if someone had punched him in the arm.

Are there any haunted hotels or restaurants I should visit during my trip?

I know of one restaurant, and I take my tours there, DoG Street Pub, and it’s in a beautiful old bank building at the corner of Duke of Gloucester Street and Henry Street. Some of the staff say that there’s a friendly spirit who likes to set the tables.

DoG Street Pub outsideDoG Street Pub inside

On a day off, what are your favorite places to go?

I’m a cycler, I love to ride my bike, and I love to go the Capital Trail. It starts in Williamsburg. But my favorite place to go to when I cycle is around Jamestown Island.