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I recently spent a day exploring and shopping many of the unique stores that Williamsburg has to offer. I was in search of interesting home decor pieces to bring home and cherish for years to come. Williamsburg is not only a city filled with an abundance of history, spectacular food, and wonderful outdoor spaces, it is also home to a myriad of delightful shops filled with distinctive treasures you couldn’t find elsewhere. There is something for everyone, from antique furniture, locally-sourced artwork, handcrafted pottery, and so much more. Below, I’m sharing the charming stores I visited and a taste of what you can find at each.

A Touch of Earth Blue Plates   Photos at a Touch of Earth

1. A Touch of Earth

A Touch of Earth is a beautiful gallery filled with handmade porcelain, stoneware, woodworks, stained glass, artwork, and more. The shop features original work from regionally and nationally prominent American artists.

Throughout the store there is a variety of paintings, prints, serving bowls, vases, mugs, garden art, and jewelry. I purchased a bowl made from an extremely rare type of wood, as well as a hand-thrown porcelain bowl with metal spikes to place flowers. Both pieces are lovely additions to my home.

Open Sign at Lightfood Antique Mall   Lightfood Antique Mall

2. Lightfoot Antique Mall and Country Store

Located across from A Touch of Earth, Lightfoot Antique Mall and Country Store is the perfect second stop on your shopping trip. The store has 30 individual booths with vendors from across the state. There is a little bit of everything, from antique furniture, lamps, and mirrors, to vintage books, kitchenware, artwork, and tchotchkes. It is easy to get lost exploring the maze of booths, each filled with countless treasures.

Counter for Eating the Mole Hoel   Leah Shopping at the Mole Hole

3. The Mole Hole

Next stop is The Mole Hole, a lovely boutique and gift shop that is also home to The Gathering Place Cafe. The store carries a wide selection of fine, fashion, and vintage jewelry, fashionable clothing and handbags, home decor, and quirky gifts. The Gathering Place Cafe offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for lunch, with a selection of homemade soups, salads, quiche, and desserts, all served on exquisite china. Between lunch and shopping, The Mole Hole makes for a truly special experience.

Exterior Shot   Danforth Pewter

4. Danforth Pewter

Located in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg, Danforth Pewter carries a selection of pewter oil lamps, jewelry, ornaments, kitchenware, and other home goods. Every piece of pewter is handcrafted in their Vermont workshop by a team of local artisans.

The process involves casting, spinning, polishing, painting, and assembling raw metal into the magnificent items you see throughout the store. They also offer onsite engraving, gift wrapping, and shipping.

Red Couches Williamsburg at Home   Staged Bed Set at Williamsburg at Home

5. Williamsburg at Home

Williamsburg at Home, also located in Merchant’s Square, is a furniture store with sophisticated home decor, rugs, dinnerware, bedding, and gifts.

Their assortment of home furnishings is inspired by 18th-century colonial style, with a modern and timeless twist. Whether you are designing an entire home, updating a room, or simply looking for one exceptional piece, Williamsburg at Home is the place to go.

Soaps at Williamsburg Craft House   Floral Designs From Williamsburg Craft House

6. Williamsburg Craft House

Williamsburg Craft House carries a wide selection of folk art, gifts, and jewelry, designed by artisans and tradesmen.

This is the perfect shop to find Colonial Williamsburg items for your home, including dinnerware and tabletop patterns, cooking utensils and accessories, framed artwork, lamps, and pillows.

Bunnies at The Ivy Trellis   Lemon Apron the Ivy Trellis

7. The Ivy Trellis

Located in the New Town area of Williamsburg, The Ivy Trellis is a southern-inspired boutique with a variety of custom home decor, gifts, and gourmet treats. You’ll find seasonal decor, garden accessories, kitchenware, custom drapes, placemats and tablecloths, and more.

The shop has the perfect gift for every occasion, from bridal showers, engagements, and weddings, to Mother’s Day, graduation, and birthdays. They offer complimentary gift wrapping and monogramming.

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