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Welcome to The WilliamsBLOG, a place where experts and influencers inspire you to experience Williamsburg, just as they do. Here is where you’ll find buzzworthy ways to customize your next stay with insider tips on everything from selecting the perfect produce at a farmers market and scoring the best vintage finds on a boutique shopping spree to getting a taste of the emerging brewpub scene and an essential guide to top seasonal events. Get inspired to get away.

Pickleball Is Sweeping Through Williamsburg

Pickleball is really taking off in Williamsburg, with the sport proving popular thanks to its easy-to-learn rules, welcoming atmosphere, and accessible gameplay. With such a variety of great facilities across the area, pickleball is the perfect activity to include in your next vacation in…

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Get In Shape! 5 Scenic Hiking Trails

Do you take to trails for the journey or the destination? No matter your response, Greater Williamsburg has the right answer. These boots are made for walking, so let's get started. Here are five trails guaranteed to make you savor both the journey and the destination. 1. Powhatan Creek Trail…

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A Grand Slam in Williamsburg

Baseball is often called “America’s pastime.” Yes, there’s plenty of competition these days from other sports, but there’s something very nostalgic about the crack of a bat, on a field of deep green grass, on a spring day, that hints at glorious summer. Williamsburg is home to a major college –…

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Get into the "Swing" of Golf in Williamsburg

We asked Chris Hartig of The Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) how to get into the greatest game if you've never picked up a golf club and how to take your game to the next level if you have played before. Chris is a PGA member with 28 years of experience in the golf business…

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Water Activities In Williamsburg

Looking to make a splash on your vacation? Turn to the water for a variety of attractions and recreational experiences. Whether you seek the thrill of water-park rides or crave shoreline scenery and fresh air on a kayaking trip, there’s a water activity for everyone. Cruise on by. Head for the…

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