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Welcome to The WilliamsBLOG, a place where experts and influencers inspire you to experience Williamsburg, just as they do. Here is where you’ll find buzzworthy ways to customize your next stay with insider tips on everything from selecting the perfect produce at a farmers market and scoring the best vintage finds on a boutique shopping spree to getting a taste of the emerging brewpub scene and an essential guide to top seasonal events. Get inspired to get away.

Jim Byers

Jim Byers is a long-time travel writer based in Toronto. He spent five years as travel editor at the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper. He now works as a freelance writer, and has contributed to such publications as the Los Angeles Times, National Geographic, The Chicago Tribune and AARP magazine. He likes to explore cities, but also loves a quiet morning walking along a pristine lake.

7 Places to Stay in Williamsburg this Summer

A trendy, new boutique hotel at the beach. A glamorous, five-star inn with a luscious spa. And a set of quiet cottages that are perfect for an extended family stay. Williamsburg is lucky to have a wide variety of places to stay, with everything from historic B&Bs to hip, design-forward hotels…

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A Grand Slam in Williamsburg

Baseball is often called “America’s pastime.” Yes, there’s plenty of competition these days from other sports, but there’s something very nostalgic about the crack of a bat, on a field of deep green grass, on a spring day, that hints at glorious summer. Williamsburg is home to a major college –…

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Best Outdoor Escapes in Williamsburg

It’s a still, quiet morning at Waller Mill Park in Williamsburg, with nothing but the sounds of the birds and a few squirrels skittering through the pine straw. The lake is placid and still, reflecting the deep green leaves of deciduous trees that line the bank. Williamsburg may be known for its…

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Find Your Chill in Williamsburg

I’m in a comfortable reclining chair in a cave encased in salt from Nepal and Poland. Most of the lights are out, and there’s gentle spa music playing. I feel my chest gently rise and fall as I practice my deep breathing, and it’s all I can do to stay awake. The Williamsburg Salt Spa is a terrific…

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A Spirited Tour of Williamsburg

Outstanding craft beer. Lovely local wines. And a great whisky distiller. A spirited trip through Williamsburg is a great way to enjoy the depth and diversity of offerings in this beautiful Virginia town. Over the course of two days, I managed to sample several great local beers, spirits, and…

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