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Where History Comes to Life

Virginia's museums have plenty to offer, whether you're a history buff looking to experience the battles of Colonial Williamsburg's history, or the inventor hoping to see the works stored at the Muscarelle Museum of Art. Williamsburg museums feature exhibitions on a range of interesting topics; from teaching your kids about Virginia wildlife, to learning about the lives of soldiers on the battlefield, to reliving the Colonial experience with a costumed interpreter as your guide, a visit to a Williamsburg-area museum is a world-class lesson in adventure.


Collections of antique harpsichords, Amusement Park Attractions, Music Boxes, Nickelodeons, Phonographs, Organs, pianos and other musical artifacts on display. Experience: famous Virginia music artist; with...

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Discover Virginia's rich natural heritage from the mountains to the sea at the Virginia Living Museum, just 20 minutes from Williamsburg. View endangered red wolves....

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It's a perfect time to visit Jamestown Settlement, where visitors are immersed in the world of America's first permanent English colony. The living-history museum is...